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Joined the New Grounds!

2010-05-03 21:13:58 by DarkMagus667

I must say, I like it! I get real time feedback and My stuff gets out to more people.
I am friends with the owner of and I post my stuff there a LOT. I will use New Grounds to post my favorites and (Once in a while) perhaps some exclusives... I like to support RoD because he was the first to actually give me a shot at having my stuff seen. I had been here before, but, I, for some reason, could NOT figure out how to Submit stuff. That stupid Brain Fart stage is passed and here I am. Feel free to suggest anything to me. I have been busy as of late with my Family and all. But, I still enjoy making my soundboards and I am still doing so... albeit few and far between. But, I have plenty from the past to post here :) I like to make rarely thought of characters into boards usually for Nostalgia sake. Also, odd or Under-appreciated characters and movies and or games.